Home's going to be a bright, bright, bright sunshiney day... pionowo
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Welcome Friend, nice to see you.

First, let's check the weather

bird bullet If it's really gonna be a bright, bright, bright sunshiney day and not so much wind, let's go flying.

bird bullet If there is some wind (preferably in 10-20 mph range) - let's go sailing - doesn't need to be really sunny, but helps.

bird bullet If you don't like the water, maybe we could go hiking together?

bird bullet Eventually, we could let you work a while in our garden, if you'd like to stay near the house.
BTW: Internet is provided (when it works), but this house has no TV, so plan accordingly.

bird bullet Or you could visit my SkunkWorks in the basement, where you can say "Hi" to my trustworthy commuter bicycle.



Na poczatek najlepiej by bylo gdybysmy zerkneli na pogode

bird bullet Jesli zapowiadaja naprawde ladne sloneczko, bez wiekszego wiatru, to chodzmy polatac

bird bullet Jesli ma byc wietrznie (najlepiej 5-10m/s) to co byscie powiedzieli na troche zeglowania? Slonko, tez by sie przydalo, ale jak juz jest wiatr...

bird bullet Jesli masz wodowstret, to moze bysmy sie wybrali na maly spacer w gory?

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