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Flying is one of my hobbies. I started early making paper planes, later moved to kites and home made rockets.

My real flying begun in 91 when I started flying gliders in Krakow. When I moved to Atlanta I joined Mid Georgia Soaring Association

I was too poor to fly powered planes in Poland. You need to consider, that gas alone is 4 times more expensive, and most airplanes are burning quite a lot of it. There is also considerable more paperwork in Europe than in US, including getting a medical certificate. Nevertheless, after cashing 4 months software project I started my power training. Since for me it was only a transition training, I've got only about 20 hours in Zlin-42 and Zlin-142 airplanes which included basic maneuvers, take-offs and landings and basic aerobatics. Just at the time I was planning to start flying cross country I moved to US.

After being in US for about a year one of club members was selling his share in C-140. So now I'm a partner in Atlanta Taildraggers. It means, that I own 1/6 of an airplane :-) For a while even I had 1/6 in two airplanes. We used to own Cessna 140, but bought another Cessna, this time C170 (four seater taildragger) in July 2000. February 2003 is another memorable date - a 1/6th owner of a totalled C170. April 2003 brings us a new "old" plane - we are proud owners of a nice Piper Pacer PA-20. Finally in March 2004 after owning three planes for 6 years I've got my pilot license.

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